Working with Pretty Fast


        Recently we were fortunate enough to be contacted by Pretty Fast, a production house in New York to crew at comedy sketch shoot for the truTV network. The piece features a clumsily dramatic reporter investigating a crime in Euclid, and involves a significant number of eggs and egg-related puns.

        After wrapping on any shoot, we usually review the job with a wide evaluative lens that considers what worked well and what could be improved in the ethos of our workflow and the coordination of our team, as well as the video footage we shot. But, the crew and talent from Pretty Fast was so well organized and professional that we were frequently ahead of schedule, and the takes were even better than expected. This even allowed us extra time for some pretty hilarious improvisation. For such a wide shot list to fill out, we were amazed by how smoothly everything went.

        Thanks from Jumpstart Video to Pretty Fast for an excellent shoot! We’ll be waiting on “eggshells” to see the final product.

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