Video Production Jobs

Editor/Producer for Jumpstart Video


Jumpstart Video is always looking for talented video production professionals to join our team. Prospective candidates should have experience editing, shooting video, and working as part of a team.


As an editor/producer at Jumpstart Video, your primary responsibilities include editing videos with motion graphics on short schedules, shooting video as a solo producer, working with clients to make revisions, and working with Jumpstart Video managers to manage workload and due dates. Jumpstart Video projects are typically produced on very tight schedules, often just a few days between initial contact with a client and final video, so producers must be comfortable working on deadline and moving quickly between projects.


  • editing video in Adobe Premiere CC
  • simple motion graphics in Adobe After Effects CC
  • using DSLRs for video as well traditional camcorders
  • time management
  • communication skills including taking phone calls from prospective clients and emails

Additional Requirements

  • Experience working in the video production field.
  • Sample of your work. Online demo and portfolio preferred.
  • Contagious passion for media production.

To Apply

Send resume and link to your portfolio to