About Us

The Jumpstart Concept

Since 2008, Jumpstart Video has been Cincinnati’s one-stop shop for fast, affordable, and professional video production.

We are the ideal partner for small businesses, ad agencies, media buyers, and television networks. In the last decade, we’ve produced hundreds of videos on tight deadlines and lean budgets at uncompromising quality.

The efficiency of our workflow is second-to-none when combined with our premium offerings: aerial videography, social media expertise, professional voice-over talent, and a library of licensed music selections.

Our local studio is the perfect venue for streamlined productions, allowing you to shoot footage for several videos on the same day, all under one roof. Other features include CYC walls for infinite background and green screen effects, on-site catering to keep up the momentum, and professional headshot photography for you and your team.

Our Process

The most effective videos tell a story, so we start by listening to yours. We want to understand your business before the cameras are rolling. We’ll use that discussion to draft a script.

The script gives us a plan for an efficient shoot, whether in our studio or at your location. With proper pre-production, some shoots can be completed in just a few hours.

Finally, we edit that footage with music, voice-over, and motion graphics in the post-production process. We provide rough cuts for your feedback along the way.

Delivery and Support

When you’re satisfied with your video, we handle delivery in any format you need for distribution. And when you’re ready to repurpose your video’s assets in a new project, they’ll be archived here.

Our Services